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Lums Leak: AN open letter to LUMS

February 23, 2012

Respected VC,
You have faced a lot of adversity in the last few days, but you stood tall in the face of all rumors‘- yeah right. You received genuine claims of the LUMS entry test being leaked but you chose to ignore and sideline this issue. Since only those people who appeared in the entry test have knowledge of the actual questions that came, and fewer have seen the leaked paper, you took this fact as an advantage and made statements such as

only 5-6 questions reappered


this was a old paper, not this one.’

Now I’d like to show everyone, exactly which questions came Below is the leaked paper and the questions that reappered have been marked in read. Please note that all writing has been censored because of privacy concerns.



Now if LUMS admissions again denies, that the marked questions didn’t come, I’d like all those people who appeared in the LCAT/SSE to answer a poll to testify if these questions came or not. Further I’d like people to comment on the post and tell us if they came or not.


According to the VC of LUMS,

this was a previous paper, not this one‘.

Even if it was, Why did so many questions reappear on this LCAT/SSE? Furthermore, The previous LCAT/SSE are supposed to be confidential, why did LUMS try to sideline this leak?



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  1. Ali permalink

    Seems that all the Mehmood’s guys are voting for ‘NO’. They certainly don’t want the retest.

    • Atif permalink

      We can safely ignore 150 ‘No’ votes of those who had the leaked paper before the test.

  2. Dissapointed. permalink

    how can lums still ignore this? this is many kids future at stake. expected much better from lums.
    really dissapointed.

  3. Xuhair. permalink

    i trustd lumx….

  4. Aslam Niaz permalink

    Obviously, LUMS would not want to admit their mistake and conduct a retest. They couldn’t even afford one.

    • Atif Zia permalink

      What do you couldn’t afford one? Didn’t they afford one and conduct one?

  5. Shazia permalink

    V.sad to hear something like this coming from the best university of pakistan.

  6. sohail permalink

    not surprising. as if lums would confess that their exam was leaked

  7. Tahir permalink

    We want LUMS to address the issue immediately. It would be just a waste of time. If LUms would have to take a stand they would have done it by now.

  8. intuition permalink

    It was a test(one day ).LUMS would rather lower its weightage if these spread words are true.
    Obviously it is one of the few sensible institutes that gives a handsome credit to academic transcripts for 3 years.

    • Salman permalink

      In either case, some of the people HAD the leaked test and hence they had an unfair advantage. The LCAT is their for a reason and the reason was defeated. What’s more concerning is that they aren’t even ready to admit that the test was leaked and to lower the weightage.

  9. disappointed permalink

    I have lost such a great amount of respect for the institution. How can they still be fair in their admission process? Their is a lack of good educational institutions in our country and for many, LUMS is the only option of a high quality education because of the high costs associated with an education abroad.

    My LCAT went pretty well, i gave the test in Karachi and i don’t believe that the paper leaked here. I’m extremely disappointed. Some of the passages in the link above did appear in my LCAT.

    • Sexual fuckbox permalink


  10. Sexual fuckbox permalink


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